Project Description

carbon fibre top bracket for drone


Due to the diversity of carbon fibre and it’s many applications there seems to be a growing demand for utilising this unique material across numerous different fields.

One area in particular which seems to be growing at an exceptional rate is the UAV (unmanned air vehicle) or drone industry.

top bracket 2This component may look relatively simple in shape and but due to the light weight requirements of UAVs or drones my client requested that the part be made as a hollow piece.
In order to achieve this Osprotech designed and had machined aluminium tooling which allowed two separate components with inbuilt joggling to be made. Once cured the two components were assembled by means of an additional curing process.

top bracket tooling

Another interesting UAV related project involved designing and manufacturing a large carbon fibre ring which was subsequently attached to a rotary wing airframe.

The concept for this project can not be divulged fully as it is still in development. What can be said is that the idea behind it is to concentrate the air flow from the main rotor blades through a shroud and down towards a specific crop for agricultural purposes.

The initial air tests proved to be very promising but with further tweaking and a bit more development this particular project  has the potential to be extremely successful.