Carbon Fibre Manufacture

The founder of Osprotech Advanced Composites has a wealth of experience in the composites industry from building components for Formula 1 cars and specialised medical equipment to designing and manufacturing bespoke sports equipment.

Drawing from this experience and a master’s degree in product design Osprotech can offer customers a one stop service where ideas can be transformed from concept to component.

One recent project of significant interest was the development of carbon fibre prepreg parts for the UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) or drone industry.

Osprotech developed housings for specialised scanning equipment which is carried on a UAV airframe. These carbon fibre parts have been made to very tight tolerances as a perfect fit is essential to the performance of the UAV and its very specialised payload.

Carbon Fibre Manufacturecarbon fibre prepreg parts for the UAV drone

Carbon fibre manufacturing services include:

  • Vacuum bagging
  • Pressure moulding
  • Thermal curing
  • Concept design
  • CAD design
  • Mould design for CNC machining
  • Pattern or plug making
  • High temperature composite mould making
  • Trim, fit and assembly of components